3 Holiday Beauty Ailments and their Cures!

The Holidays are hard.  We want to look our best and spend time with our friends and family, but the looking our best part is tricky when all the Holiday Festivities are happening.  Here are some tips to help you this time around.


1.) Red, Tired Eyes

Caused by many reasons. Staying up late celebrating with lots of food and drink.  Sugary foods and too much of them. Getting Makeup in your eyes, stress…etc.  Here is the cure:


Lie down and get something cold on your eyes like a gel pack. If you don't have a gel pack, you can wet two cotton balls, flatten them out and put in the freezer on wax paper for use later.  Keep on your eyes for 10minutes and relax.  Also a lubricating eye drop product can help as well.


2. Puffy Face

Caused by drinking and eating too much especially salty finger foods during parties. Here is the cure:


Drink a lot of water.  The saltiness of finger foods causes your body and face to hold water. Keeping hydrated will dilute the salt. Also, sleep propped up if possible to keep fluids from pooling in your face.


3.) Breakouts

Caused by stress from too much to do in too little time.  The cure:


If you are not currently using a good cleanser, get one!  If you are prone to breakouts around the stressful times of year, start adding one more treatment to your daily regiment.  if you aren't using a cleanser, then cleanse morning and night.


Hope these few tips help keep you looking beautiful this holiday season!